McLaren Automotive North America Delivers Its 5000th Car

McLaren Automotive North America has delivered its 500th car, a 570S Spider in Silica White ordered by Dr. Gary Leach of California. This marks a significant milestone in the marque’s relatively short but already storied and illustrious history. McLaren Automotive first entered the North American market with the 12C in December 2011, and in just under 7 years the region already accounts for over one third of McLaren’s annual sales tally globally.

Set off by the McLaren P1 Ultimate Series hypercar along with the 675LT and 650S Super Series supercars, McLaren’s consistent North American growth doubled in 2016 when it brought in the Sports Series range. This strong track record continued in 2017, with the 720S and 570S Spider driving another year of success for the brand in the region.

McLaren North America President, Tony Joseph said, “From small beginnings back in 2011, we have firmly established the McLaren range of sportscars and supercars as class leaders that appeal to a wide range of discerning enthusiasts. The Sports Series has become a strong seller, helping us double our sales, and the accolades bestowed on the new McLaren 720S have helped create a backlog of orders that we will fill during 2018.”

Proud to have purchased the 5000th McLaren in North America, Dr. Gary Leach added, “The McLaren 570S Spider really appealed to me as an amazing combination of a car that can be comfortable and enjoyable for a daily driver, but that has the performance, gearshift and brakes that will allow me to fully enjoy it on a track day.”

The North American McLaren Automotive family is currently made up of 22 retailers throughout the country, with plans in place to add further new retailers throughout 2018. New models coming to market will help grow the brand further, including the highly track focused McLaren Senna. A further 12 McLaren road cars will be launched between now and 2022, with hybrids expected to make up half the model range by then. Tony Joseph added, “We are experiencing unprecedented growth in the North American market from just a handful of cars in 2011 to more than 1,200 retail sales here last year. We are taking steps to ensure that our presence and customer service is at the cutting edge of the luxury performance car market.”