Inaugural Pure McLaren Arctic Experience

Inaugural Pure McLaren Arctic Experience proves to be a big success with our guests, who tested their skills in the 570S on the ice and snow, enjoyed traditional Finnish hospitality, and some even glimpsed the stunning Aurora Borealis.

Banishing the winter blues is hardest in January, with cold weather, long nights and stoic resolutions making it a relief when February finally arrives. What’s the best way to overcome this notoriously arduous time of year?

How about with a spectacular driving experience in one of the most scenic and untouched wildernesses anywhere in the world? That’s exactly what a group of McLaren guests did this year – the first to be part of the Pure McLaren Arctic Experience, the trip of a lifetime to Ivalo, in Finland.

Gripping stuff! McLaren 570S living up to its Sports Series name on the frozen tracks of Ivalo, Finland.


Cold country, warm welcome: traditional wooden tipis, roaring fires, locally smoked fish. McLaren guests enjoyed great Finnish hospitality.

They may not have escaped the cold winter weather (quite the opposite, in fact) but it’s much easier to cope with ice and snow when you’re tackling it in a powerful 570S, rather than just trying to commute to work.

Guests began by tackling a variety of different tracks and courses, honing their driving skills before attempting more challenging transitional drifts and high-speed runs, all under the supervision of a team of expert coaches. The most agile member of the Sports Series family, the 570S, is the perfect car to learn in, with quick steering, and the natural handling balance of its mid-engined layout.

The cars were adapted to the harsh environment with LED light bars to help cut through the darkness (handy when there are only a few hours of daylight) and winter tyres with steel spikes to ensure plenty of mechanical grip.

Do anything much last night? No, just the usual – a snowmobile safari under the Northern Lights.
Perfect handling balance, light steering, and extra grip from steel-spiked tyres – 570S could have been made for these conditions.

Guests were joined by famous faces too, including Brazilian racing driver Bruno Senna, who was also experiencing ice driving for the very first time.

Of course there was some trial and error as the guests climbed the learning curve and got to grips with the conditions – but no mishaps that couldn’t be undone with a couple of snow shovels and the help of the friendly McLaren support team.

Just occasionally the 570S’s front diffuser became a snow plough! But customers had fun, and Bruno Senna (middle of bottom right picture) lapped it up.
It’s fine during the few hours of daylight, but at other times the darkness up here is other-worldly – hence the roof-mounted LED light bars.